Entering the Surgical Profession

24 Apr 2016

By Rogette Esteve

Recently, I found myself in Danbury, CT searching for a new apartment.  It made me pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that I will be starting general surgery residency in just a few short months at Danbury Hospital.  If you had asked me back in college, when I was still a pre-med freshman, what I thought of surgery, I would have quickly answered, “Oh no, I want a life!  I want a family!”  

downloadThank God I was introduced to the AWS Pocket Mentor toward the end of college!t forever changed my perspective on becoming a surgeon.  I was amazed there was an established organization for female surgeons – by female surgeons.  As a medical student, I am fortunate to have attended a number of AWS Conferences . Each time, I have been floored by the outstanding surgeons I have met.  The women I met were able to not only “have a life” but also excel in their respective fields, despite the inherent challenges female surgeons face.  

I know that my own journey will not be easy; in fact, I have no idea  how challenging it will be.  My current view of surgery is the one seen through the eyes of a medical student.  I know thet steep surgical learning curve is ahead.  However, I have an incredible support system behind me.  Furthermore, revisiting excellent resources like the AWS Pocket Mentor will be immensely important to me, as I progress through residency and beyond.  So Danbury, here I come.

Rogette EsteveRogette Esteve is a 4th year medical student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine who enjoys salsa dancing and dodgeball.  She will be entering a general surgery residency at Danbury Hospital in CT this June.

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