Adding it to the List

20 Mar 2024

By Alyssa Brown   A few weeks ago, I apologized to my boyfriend for missing date night (again). I apologized that I feel like we are often just saying hi and bye and watching Bob’s Burgers in be...


Basics of AI in Healthcare & Surgery

14 Mar 2024

By: Brielle Ochoa On PubMed, the number of publications for “artificial intelligence” (AI) and “surgery” ten years ago was less than 100. In 2023, this number was up to nearly 3,500. But what...


Mindfulness as a Tool to Build Confidence

07 Feb 2024

By: MaryAnn Ulasi I spotted a number 5 on the concrete street. By number 5, I mean the stage of a particular “bug” that was made famous by the swarm that landed in NYC last year. Its growth curve...


Impact of Narrative Medicine in Surgery

31 Jan 2024

 By: Raslina Shrestha, MD “We can make the world a better place, one story at a time.”- Lisa Gerber  A revelation unfolded during my shifts in the burn ward in Nepal. As the patie...