Month: January 2016


Food for Thought – Surgery: I Love This Job

31 Jan 2016

By Lauren Poindexter, MD When was the last time you stood in the operating room and paused to think, “I LOVE this job”? What was it about that particular case, patient, or situation that caused...


Starting Over, with Ourselves

27 Jan 2016

By Kim Resnick I tug on my white tennis skirt nervously.  The man (no doubt) who insisted that white tennis clothes were de rigueur at my new tennis club should be tarred and feathered.  These hi...


Food for Thought: Surgery and Public Health

24 Jan 2016

By Nickey Jafari This week, I want to discuss where surgery and public health intersect. First, a little personal background: I took a global public health class with Dr. Debra DeLaet at Drake Univ...


Starting Over: Making a Resolution That Works

20 Jan 2016

Lauren Poindexter, MD Making New Year’s resolutions is, for many, a task fraught with expected failure. The time-worn “Go to the gym more often,” “Lose weight,” “Eat better” sound lik...


Food for Thought: President Obama’s SOTU Cancer Promise – Is It Possible?

19 Jan 2016

Below are just two examples of promises President Obama has made to “cure cancer”: 2009 address to Congress: “Our recovery plan … will launch a new effort to conquer a disease that has touche...


Cervical Cancer

13 Jan 2016

By Minerva Romero Arenas  I remember the first time I diagnosed cancer. I was a 3rd year medical student and was at one of our schools medical student-run  Clinics Commitment to Underserved Peopl...


Food for Thought: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

10 Jan 2016

By Nickey Jafari During my first year of medical school, my class had the honor of having Dr. Jeffrey Piehler, a retired thoracic surgeon, come speak to us. You may know him as the author of the Ne...


Starting Again

07 Jan 2016

By Ainhoa Costas Chavarri In the beginning, there is the excitement: The promise of interesting new people! exotic new places! shiny new things! Everything is wonderful in this daydream world...


Food for Thought: 2016-Time for a Change?

03 Jan 2016

Lately I’ve started noticing a common theme- in public and private conversations, in various parts of the internet, the gathering of momentum. In November of this year I attended the Millin Meet...