Month: February 2016


When Breath Becomes Air: Understanding Mortality

28 Feb 2016

Tweet chat (follow @WomenSurgeons) and additional blog post to come on March 13th 8 PM EST! By Shree Agrawal Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s memoir, When Breath Becomes Air, as Dr. Abraham Varghese promi...


My Wake-Up Call

24 Feb 2016

By Sharon Stein Cardiovascular disease...Not me- I am too young for that. I was shocked when I got the text from my husband.  A friend and colleague had just had a stroke.  She was in the Neur...


Food for Thought: Progressive Advice for Mentees

22 Feb 2016

By Gabrielle Rieth I recently encountered an instance in which a mentor suggested that I and other female medical students rely on antiquated gender stereotypes to succeed in our upcoming clinical ...


Integrating Surgery and Family Life

17 Feb 2016

By Lillian Erdahl As part of the discussion on work and life, I want to introduce a term I heard recently. A speaker at a conference I attended mentioned the concept of work-life integration rather...


February Book Club: When Breath Becomes Air

14 Feb 2016

This month, the blog will feature Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s recently published book, When Breath Becomes Air.  If you have not already, we suggest purchasing your own copy and joining us while we cover ...


Maintenance of Self

11 Feb 2016

By Jean Miner As many before me have asked, is there such a thing as balance when it comes to our careers and life outside the hospital?  Maybe not, but we can realistically reach an equilibrium w...


Food for Thought: The Patient Side of Medicine

07 Feb 2016

By Abigail Forbes I was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis when I was 8 years old. After many years of driving hours away to doctor appointments, the frustration of wearing a back brace a...



03 Feb 2016

By Andrea Merrill If you had asked me about balance at age 10, I would have taken this question literally, immediately conjuring up an image of the balance beam that tortured me daily at gymnastics...