Month: April 2016


At the Crossroads in Surgical Education

28 Apr 2016

[caption id="attachment_9358" align="alignright" width="300"] Dr. Heather Yeo and her father.[/caption] Over the last 4 decades since my father completed his training as a general surgeon at UC Irv...


Entering the Surgical Profession

24 Apr 2016

By Rogette Esteve Recently, I found myself in Danbury, CT searching for a new apartment.  It made me pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that I will be starting general surgery residency in...



20 Apr 2016

By Marie Crandall “I’ll just answer this one text…”, “One sec, let me look for my hands-free…” “Damn this train, I’ve got a sick patient waiting in the ER…” It seems like I...


The Start of a New AWS Chapter

18 Apr 2016

By Sarah Armenia One of the best aspects of AWS is the amazing support its members in training and practice and committees show medical student members. I have experienced this support firsthand at...


Equal pay for equal work: It’s our time

11 Apr 2016

By Amalia Cochran Let me start with some simple facts. Female surgeons have the same training as male surgeons; we go to medical school, we spend the same amount of time in residency, we sit for...


#SurgStory(ies): Why do we do it?

10 Apr 2016

By Joel Adler (with special guests Niraj Gusani and Heather Yeo) Rise of Twitter in Surgery: It’s no secret that there is a growing community of medical students, surgeons-in-training, and surgeo...


Distracted Driving

06 Apr 2016

By Stephanie Bonne As a trauma surgeon, my main academic interest has been injury prevention.  It just makes sense to me – the easiest trauma to recover from is the one that never happened to be...


Medical Students Petition to End Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam

04 Apr 2016

By Nickey Jafari Recently, several students at Harvard Medical School started a petition to eliminate the national clinical skills exam for US medical graduates, a requirement they regard as an u...