Month: July 2016


An Open Letter to Young Women Considering a Career in Surgery

29 Jul 2016

This post originally appeared in Hot Heels, Cool Kicks, & a Scalpel   Dear Young Woman Considering a Career in Surgery, It was lovely to meet you the other day. Many times a month, ...


Physician, Heal Thyself: Recognizing and Understanding Burnout

21 Jul 2016

By Gabrielle Rieth This topic seems particular relevant and timely for me and my classmates, as we are currently in the happy limbo-land that our school dubs “Research Block.” It takes place f...



13 Jul 2016

By JS I recently completed a 1-year hospital based fellowship that is designed to provide faculty and staff with the expertise and skills needed to advance academic careers in medical education.  ...


Thoughts on Being a Caregiver

07 Jul 2016

By Hilary Sanfey Over the last few years I helped care for a very dear friend, a retired surgeon, who developed a progressive neurological illness shortly after turning sixty. It was challenging, n...


Learning New Roles

01 Jul 2016

By Joanelle A. Bailey, M.D. My last call of my intern year is on June 30th, which means that I will be supervising the new incoming interns when they come to care for patients for their first time ...