Month: December 2016


How to Avoid Burnout as an MS3

29 Dec 2016

By Nina Shank Most medical students have probably heard before at some point in their lives that it is always advisable to have a plan B. In fact, as a medical student, one can never be too careful w...


Equal Pay for Better Outcomes?

23 Dec 2016

By Nickey Jafari Earlier this year, an attending surgeon commented that my AWS fleece was “sexist”. I highlighted the number of female surgical department chairs (16) as one example of why prom...


Maximizing a Research Year: 6 Things You Should Know as a Medical Student

14 Dec 2016

By Shree Agrawal While most of my classmates have been completing clinical clerkships as third year medical students, I have instead spent the past six months performing clinical research. One of t...


Lending A Helping (and Hygienic) Hand

08 Dec 2016

By Faith Robertson If you were to take a stroll through the hospital, you would witness scrub-adorned healthcare providers, a flurry of white coats and stethoscopes, and a plethora of wall-mounted ...


The Road to Wellness

01 Dec 2016

By Jaime Lewis The road to wellness is often less than straight and narrow. Some stretches are full of potholes and construction barriers, causing delays, requiring tolls and taxes for passage, whi...