Month: May 2017


Medical Motherhood Part II: Residency

25 May 2017

By Grace K DeHoff, MS III Many women in medicine struggle with when the optimal time to have children is during their medical training. Medical school is rigorous with limited time off available in...


Life in an Instant

17 May 2017

By Sasha Adams, MD I am a multi-tasker. I thrive in chaos. Managing multiple projects, people, jumbled schedules - that’s when I’m on my game. And that’s a good thing, because I’m a surgeon...


My First Delivery Was My Own: A Medical Student’s Journey into Motherhood

11 May 2017

By Grace K DeHoff, MS III I had my first child in November of my 2nd year of medical school. My husband and I tried to plan for a winter break baby but were surprised a little earlier. With plenty ...


How Medical School Turned Me into a Runner

04 May 2017

By Hilary McCrary, MPH Prior to medical school, I considered myself athletic but never a runner. I could not run more than a few miles without an overwhelming sense of discouragement. When I began ...