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Entering the Surgical Profession

24 Apr 2016

By Rogette Esteve Recently, I found myself in Danbury, CT searching for a new apartment.  It made me pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that I will be starting general surgery residency in...


Equal pay for equal work: It’s our time

11 Apr 2016

By Amalia Cochran Let me start with some simple facts. Female surgeons have the same training as male surgeons; we go to medical school, we spend the same amount of time in residency, we sit for...


#SurgStory(ies): Why do we do it?

10 Apr 2016

By Joel Adler (with special guests Niraj Gusani and Heather Yeo) Rise of Twitter in Surgery: It’s no secret that there is a growing community of medical students, surgeons-in-training, and surgeo...


Greening the OR

28 Mar 2016

By Abigail Forbes As a medical student I have learned to seek out opportunities that will foster my journey through medical school and facilitate my goal of  becoming a surgeon.  The Go Green Con...


On being a mom, surgeon, and wife – or surgeon, mom, and wife – or…

23 Mar 2016

By Chris Hardesty The worst moment in 2015 was the morning my 2 year old started crying when he realized I was leaving for work.  I’d heard this would happen and expected it, but the pit in my s...


Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things

20 Mar 2016

By Brittany Bankhead-Kendall I saw that quote on my favorite Facebook group recently, called "Physician Moms Group" (or "PMG"). This is a group of women who, like all of us, are just trying to "do"...


The Impact of Shared Experience

16 Mar 2016

Reflections from the Panamerican Trauma Society/Association of Women Surgeons’ Women in Surgery Panel at the 28th Panamerican Trauma Congress in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia By Marissa Boeck ...


Polka-Dots, Checks, and Stripes: Does Gender Expression Matter?

03 Mar 2016

By Gabrielle Rieth  I am soft-spoken and often characterized as “nice,” “sweet,” or “adorable.” I express my gender identity in a way that is traditionally ascribed to females. This co...


When Breath Becomes Air: Understanding Mortality

28 Feb 2016

Tweet chat (follow @WomenSurgeons) and additional blog post to come on March 13th 8 PM EST! By Shree Agrawal Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s memoir, When Breath Becomes Air, as Dr. Abraham Varghese promi...


Food for Thought: Progressive Advice for Mentees

22 Feb 2016

By Gabrielle Rieth I recently encountered an instance in which a mentor suggested that I and other female medical students rely on antiquated gender stereotypes to succeed in our upcoming clinical ...