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Lessons About Healing After Hurricane Harvey

06 Nov 2017

By Jackie Olive I hail from the foothills of Los Angeles County, where natural disaster comes in the form of forest fires and droughts. Having lived in Houston for over four years for college and n...


Hand ties & Heartbreak: My Experiences as a Puerto Rican Surgical Residency Applicant during Hurricane Maria

01 Nov 2017

By Mariela Martinez News channels have been flooded with images of the devastation caused by hurricane María in Puerto Rico. There are numerous stories about the damages to the health system, infras...


When Disaster Strikes

15 Oct 2017

By Dr. Minerva Romero Arenas #HoustonStrong #HurricaneIrma #FuerzaMéxico #PRstrong #VegasStrong Our world has been in the midst of what seems like an endless series of tragedies. This blog star...


Sepsis: A Surgeon’s Perspective

06 Sep 2017

By Lillian Erdahl, MD Around 1.5 million people suffer from sepsis and at least 250,000 die due to it each year in the United States. The majority of these individuals-7 out of 10-were recently tre...


Golden August

24 Aug 2017

By Camila R. Guetter Created in 1992 by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), the World Breastfeeding Week completed its 25th edition this year. During the first week of August, campa...


AWS Day of Service 9/9/17

17 Aug 2017

By Simin G. Roward Being a medical student is challenging: between studying, rotations and research, it seems there isn’t enough time for everything. Often, it's easy to lose track of why we chos...



09 Aug 2017

By Beth Shaughnessy This lifestyle we have chosen seems to come in 4-5 year runs, Each new phase of training means we may have to pick up and move somewhere else, again. At least until we get that ...


Fireworks on the Fourth

29 Jun 2017

By Cheyenne “Cassie” Sonntag, MD MS Say it with me: the Fourth of July. Just saying those words fills your mind with fond memories of watermelon, BBQ, and warm summer nights spent with famil...


Life in an Instant

17 May 2017

By Sasha Adams, MD I am a multi-tasker. I thrive in chaos. Managing multiple projects, people, jumbled schedules - that’s when I’m on my game. And that’s a good thing, because I’m a surgeon...


Knocking on the Door of Disparity

27 Apr 2017

By Danielle Henry, MD Before the end of National Minority Health Month, I am compelled to take the opportunity to talk about how a disease I'm passionate about affects black women - breast cancer. ...