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Golden August

24 Aug 2017

By Camila R. Guetter Created in 1992 by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), the World Breastfeeding Week completed its 25th edition this year. During the first week of August, campa...


Breast is Best, Supporting Mothers Is Better

02 Aug 2017

By Nickey Jafari My rotation in obstetrics & gynecology (OB/GYN) was full of emotional moments, and the first time I witnessed a mom breastfeed her baby was one of my favorites; in a culture th...


The Greenberg Spike: How speaking out on implicit bias and gender equity in surgery continues to trend

01 Mar 2017

By Marissa A. Boeck When #ILookLikeASurgeon went viral in August 2015, many expected a short lived hashtag. Yet Dr. Caprice Greenberg, the president of the Association for Academic Surgery (AAS), h...


To Look in the Mirror and Not See Further than My Neck

25 Jan 2017

By: Natalie Tully January is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. As you may have read in an earlier blog post, thyroid cancer is the most prevalent cancer in young women under 25. This is the story of ...


Dressing Your Best, Inside Out

05 Jan 2017

By: Natalie Tully Every year after the post-midnight New Year’s celebrations wind down, we each start the all-too familiar process of declaring resolutions for the coming twelve months. In that s...


The Road to Wellness

01 Dec 2016

By Jaime Lewis The road to wellness is often less than straight and narrow. Some stretches are full of potholes and construction barriers, causing delays, requiring tolls and taxes for passage, whi...


Coming soon! AWS on Facebook

25 Aug 2016

By Cornelia Griggs Like most surgical residents, I used to think of social media as an easy way to connect with friends, to discover interesting articles, and a way to occupy my hands during the (f...


An Open Letter to Young Women Considering a Career in Surgery

29 Jul 2016

This post originally appeared in Hot Heels, Cool Kicks, & a Scalpel   Dear Young Woman Considering a Career in Surgery, It was lovely to meet you the other day. Many times a month, ...


#AWSfood4thought : Here’s to the Dads

20 Jun 2016

By Heather Logghe This Father’s Day I would like to give special thanks to the dads who lovingly support their women surgeon partners. My husband, Chris, has been one of them. I embarked on my...


Distracted Driving

06 Apr 2016

By Stephanie Bonne As a trauma surgeon, my main academic interest has been injury prevention.  It just makes sense to me – the easiest trauma to recover from is the one that never happened to be...