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Finding Comfort in Silence

23 Jun 2016

  By Madeline Torres It was another night in the SICU: 5:30 pm sign out, resident rounds, and dinner. As usual, I’d go into Mr. X’s room to examine him and make small talk with his wif...


Unconscious Bias Twitter Chat

11 May 2016

Save the Date (Put it in your calendar, as you read this post!): May 24 8 PM EST Twitter chat with Amalia Cochran about unconscious bias. Dr. Cochran will be hosting a virtual chat on Twitter about...


#SurgStory(ies): Why do we do it?

10 Apr 2016

By Joel Adler (with special guests Niraj Gusani and Heather Yeo) Rise of Twitter in Surgery: It’s no secret that there is a growing community of medical students, surgeons-in-training, and surgeo...


Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things

20 Mar 2016

By Brittany Bankhead-Kendall I saw that quote on my favorite Facebook group recently, called "Physician Moms Group" (or "PMG"). This is a group of women who, like all of us, are just trying to "do"...


Polka-Dots, Checks, and Stripes: Does Gender Expression Matter?

03 Mar 2016

By Gabrielle Rieth  I am soft-spoken and often characterized as “nice,” “sweet,” or “adorable.” I express my gender identity in a way that is traditionally ascribed to females. This co...


Food for Thought: 2016-Time for a Change?

03 Jan 2016

Lately I’ve started noticing a common theme- in public and private conversations, in various parts of the internet, the gathering of momentum. In November of this year I attended the Millin Meet...


Food for Thought: All I want for Christmas is my Doctor

27 Dec 2015

By Minerva Romero Arenas Throughout residency my family and friends have offered their thoughts on my working during holidays. The following essay is some food for thought based on the many opinion...


Food For Thought: Fearing “Leaning In”

20 Dec 2015

By Shree Agrawal We will now start featuring a new blog post each Sunday as well as Wednesday! Our Sunday post will be a reflection or question from AWS members.  Follow our blog (enter your ema...


Spin Doctors

16 Dec 2015

By Kelley Bullard The two most powerful words in any language are YES and NO. When my daughter was two and a half, she earnestly asked one day from her car seat: “Can I drive when I’m old...


Saying NO

03 Dec 2015

By AJ Copeland  My Chair asks me to host the Department holiday party at my house. An office nurse hits me up to purchase giftwrapping for her son’s fundraiser. My mother wants to come along whe...