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Being Vulnerable is Human; Even for Surgeons

08 May 2024

By: Cathy Hung In the earlier years of my career, I always tried to accommodate patients’ needs anytime, all the time, whenever possible. I opened my office many times off-hours at the slightest...


What @womensurgeons Has Done For Me

01 May 2024

By: Katerina Jou Setting the scene: My medical school didn’t have an AWS chapter. Surgery was just starting to become a growing presence on the school’s campus, with most students pursuing specia...


Exercise and Fitness During Medical School

24 Apr 2024

By: Amber Park The way physicians provide care for their patients versus the way physicians care for themselves has been one of the most controversial and puzzling concepts I have yet to grasp. The u...


Adding it to the List

20 Mar 2024

By Alyssa Brown   A few weeks ago, I apologized to my boyfriend for missing date night (again). I apologized that I feel like we are often just saying hi and bye and watching Bob’s Burgers in be...


Mindfulness as a Tool to Build Confidence

07 Feb 2024

By: MaryAnn Ulasi I spotted a number 5 on the concrete street. By number 5, I mean the stage of a particular “bug” that was made famous by the swarm that landed in NYC last year. Its growth curve...