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Beating Burnout: Tips

15 Jan 2024

By Dra. Elizabeth Perazza Valentin, FACS Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication- Leonardo Da Vinci Greetings esteemed colleagues:  Surgeons have long experienced a culture of silence when it come...


Balancing a Career as a Surgeon-Scientist

05 Sep 2023

By: Kavitha Ranganathan, MD Satisfaction in one’s career can come from a variety of places. In fact, most of the time, it has to come from a variety of places. Don’t place all your eggs in one ba...


Making the Most of Your Research Year

06 Jul 2023

By: Charlotte Berry Research years during medical school are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among students interested in surgical subspecialties. Data support the notion that medical stu...


Even Shame Has Its Limits

18 Jun 2023

Christina Georgeades, MD “You mean every day should be shame day.” I was walking behind two of my co-residents the last month of my intern year when I heard the hurtful comment. It was Pride mon...


To Do’s Before Starting Residency

10 Apr 2023

By Alyssa Brown Congratulations are in order for the many new women surgeons that will be joining our ranks as interns next year! Last year, I felt like time flew by between opening that envelope and...


Diversify Ourselves

29 Mar 2023

By Dr. Chantal Reyna How well would you handle not being able to perform surgery anymore? The real question is “How much of your identity is based on being a surgeon?” We tend to define ourselves...