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Food for Thought: 2016-Time for a Change?

03 Jan 2016

Lately I’ve started noticing a common theme- in public and private conversations, in various parts of the internet, the gathering of momentum. In November of this year I attended the Millin Meet...


Inhale, Exhale, Say Yes

23 Dec 2015

By Shree Agrawal Saying yes is complicated, powerful, and full of potential. Celebrities like Shonda Rhimes, known for her Thursday night television series and recent book, Year of Yes, and Ryan S...


Saying NO

03 Dec 2015

By AJ Copeland  My Chair asks me to host the Department holiday party at my house. An office nurse hits me up to purchase giftwrapping for her son’s fundraiser. My mother wants to come along whe...


GRATITUDE – 10 Things to be Grateful for

18 Nov 2015

By Sarah B. Bryczkowski Gratitude - To be grateful, give thanks, show appreciation. For those of you who don't know, I am forever optimistic. I always hope for the best. Even when the fecal mat...


Gratitude at Home and Work

13 Nov 2015

By Lauren B. Nosanov Steeling myself for an incoming 5 year-old MVC victim with reportedly fixed and dilated pupils per the EMS report, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that my own children are safe...


An Attitude of Gratitude

08 Nov 2015

By: Beth Shaughnessy It can be a difficult task to think about gratitude because we may become a little hardened and insensitive in light of the demands on our time.  I can't help but smirk when I...



21 Oct 2015

I am tired today. It was a call night, after a full day of operating. The pages came in steadily. I don’t mind the ones that have to do with patient care. Most are just from people trying to do t...


Having it all means having good physical, mental and spiritual health, too!

12 Jul 2015

by: Marie-Christine Wright, JD “I’m discovering that women can have it all, just not all at the same time.” If we can’t have it all at the same time, is there always room for wellness, and...


Self Care and Meditation

21 Aug 2014

by: Betsy Tuttle-Newhall, MD, FACS When one mentions the word “meditation”, images of saffron robed monks and lotus flowers come to mind for many; however, meditation is simply the act of quietin...