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Compassion: Lessons from Roshi Joan Halifax

22 Apr 2014

by Mary Brandt, MD It’s not often that a talk completely changes the way I think about something. I’ve been thinking and speaking about compassion fatigue for many years. I recently had the priv...


A bit of kindness

17 Apr 2014

by Amalia Cochran, MDThe following is an excerpt from an email I recently received from a mentee: “I love, love, love surgery, but even as someone who has thrived in this environment, I now acknowle...



08 Apr 2014

by Mary Brandt, MDDear Dr. Brandt,  I enjoy your blog very much. As a second year medical student, I know that my peers and I all struggle with what we view as ‘failure’ at some point or anot...


I sought professional help.

19 Feb 2014

By Stephanie Bonne, MDWhen I finished my training, my husband and I were overwhelmed by decisions - student loans, college planning, life insurance, oh my! So, we decided to seek the help of a financi...


Creating your own academic timeline

09 Jan 2014

by Christina Cellini, MD, FACS, FASCRS This topic came to me during a grand rounds given by a well-known surgeon in his mid-career - henceforth will be referred to as “WKS”. I had just returned f...


How I Make It Work

23 Dec 2013

by Danielle Walsh, MDDecember is the time of year when the constant struggle between the needs of work and the commitment to family become most strained. Holiday performances at school, parties for k...


Pregnancy during Medical School & Residency

19 Dec 2013

by Callie Thompson, MDI have read a lot of discussions about “the right time” to have a baby during a career in medicine and most of them come to the conclusion that there is no right time. I don...


“The Advice Less Given”

18 Dec 2013

by Stephanie Bonne, MDAs a relatively new mother (I have 2 boys, ages 3 and 1), I’m usually anti-advice. I often feel as if each person’s situation is unique and resources and priorities are vari...


Family Life

16 Dec 2013

by Jennifer Knight, MD, FACSI picked this topic because for me, Family Life is a work in progress and sometimes putting thought into something you are working on often allows for enlightenment. As a s...


Interview with Dr. Julie A. Freischlag

02 Dec 2013

by Bharti Jasra, MDA while back, there once was a little girl in Illinois who impressed everyone with her extraordinary performance at school. Her grandfather told her that when she grew up, people wo...