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“With Liberty and Justice for All”

08 Jun 2023

By Alexis Moren MD,MPH,FACS   The irony isn’t lost on any minority group as many of us recited the Pledge of Allegiance in elementary school: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States ...


Straight People Problems

05 Jun 2023

By Dr. Elinore Kaufman “Don’t worry, I still wear make-up every day.”  A surgical resident was assigned to talk to our group of medical students about being a woman in surgery—the first of m...


The Identities We Choose

15 May 2023

By: Heather Wachtel, MD Growing up in Vermont, I had one person who looked like me – my sister. The children of a first generation Cantonese immigrant and a second generation Russian Jew, we loved...



11 May 2023

by: Anjani H Turaga, IMG The day starts at 5 am on an unusually cold morning in Los Angeles, where we see our protagonist, an IMG (International medical graduate) brushing her teeth furiously, trying...


Diversify Ourselves

29 Mar 2023

By Dr. Chantal Reyna How well would you handle not being able to perform surgery anymore? The real question is “How much of your identity is based on being a surgeon?” We tend to define ourselves...


It Takes a Village

27 Sep 2021

By: Ana Sofia Ore, MD MPH My journey away from home started before residency, when I moved to Boston to start my research training. I had fears of how welcoming the city would be to a hispanic woman ...