May We Never Forget

11 Sep 2016

15 years later it still seems as vivid as yesterday. I woke up to my daily radio show hosts speaking with panic and confusion. A plane had accidentally crashed into one of the twin towers. As my family and I gathered around the TV, newscasters around the country struggled to get information out. The American public watched in terror as a second airplane struck WTC.

unnamedIn that moment it became clear this was no accident. President Bush was reading to a group of school children, then we heard about flight 93, and witnessed the attack on the Pentagon. The world changed that day.

I wish I could unsee some of those images, which still bring tears to my eyes. I think of the hatred, hopelessness, and pain inflicted upon us that day. When I recently visited the 9/11 memorial for the first time, I was pulled back into the memories of that day. I was struck by the juxtaposition of the emotions evoked in my memories with the beauty and calm of the memorial. No matter what nationality, religion, ethnicity any human could feel indignation at the attacks of 9/11. May we never forget.


Minerva A. Romero Arenas is a Fellow in Surgical Endocrinology at The UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. She completed her General Surgery Residency at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. She received her MD and her MPH from The University of Arizona College of Medicine and the Zuckerman College of Public Health in 2009. She studied Cell Biology and French at Arizona State University as an undergraduate.

Her interests include surgical oncology & endocrinology, global health, health disparities, quality improvement, and genomics. A native of Mexico City, Mexico, Dr. Romero Arenas is passionate about recruiting the next generation of surgeons and is involved in mentoring through various organizations.

She enjoys fine arts, films, gastronomy, and sports. She enjoys jogging, swimming, and kickboxing. Most importantly, Dr. Romero Arenas treasures spending time with her family and loved ones.

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