Meet the Blog Team

13 Feb 2022

The Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) Blog was started in 2013 by some amazing female surgeons. We have appreciated the support and growth of the blog since then. We love sharing the stories of women in surgery across the country and the world. Every week, we publish your stories, and we hope they uplift you as much as they uplift us.

While we are often working behind the scenes, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are surgeons, residents, and medical students from across the country. Some of us have worked on the team since its inception in 2013, while some of us joined more recently. While we come from different backgrounds and places, we share a common love of the AWS Blog and celebrating the stories of others.

Thank you again for supporting the blog. If you want to submit a piece, please do so at this link:

Team Bios:

Alyssa Brown is a fourth year MD-PhD candidate at University of Louisville and Mayo Clinic Biomedical Engineering and Physiology. She is currently applying to general surgery residency. She has been on the team since 2018. She has loved writing pieces for the blog, and she has loved celebrating the successes of the AWS Blog team members.

Kathleen Romanowski, MD, MAS, FACS, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at the University of California, Davis and Shriner’s Children’s Northern California whose clinical practice is Burn Surgery.  She has been on the blog team since 2019 and became the Faculty Chair of the Blog Subcommittee in 2020.  She has loved getting to share her journey through writing blog pieces and enjoys reading about all of the authors’ experiences through editing the pieces of others.  It has been a pleasure to work with the students, residents, and surgeons who make up the AWS blog subcommittee.

Carol Shi is a fourth year medical student at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She is currently applying to OB/GYN residency. She served as the New England Regional Representative on the AWS National Medical Student Committee in 2020-2021. She has been on the blog team since 2021 and has loved reading and editing blog posts. 

Dr. Tiffany Sinclair is a general and endocrine surgeon at a crossroads between training and attending life. She is currently doing acute care and trauma surgery locum work while looking for a job as an academic endocrine surgeon. She has served on the AWS Blog committee since 2020 and has enjoyed writing pieces for the blog, as well as following along on so many other women’s journeys through the world of surgery. 


Sarah Tevis, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Surgery and a breast surgical oncologist at the University of Colorado.  She has been a member of the Association of Women Surgeons since 2011 and has served on the AWS Blog Committee since 2020.  Her research is focused on improving breast cancer patient centered care throughout the care continuum by developing a web page plugin that provides definitions of medical terms in radiology and pathology resports and links to trusted websites, developing a personalized decision aid for breast surgery that incorporates predicted post-operative quality of life, and developing innovative educational tools to prepare patients for the psychosocial and sexual side effects of breast cancer treatment. 

Camila Guetter, MD, MPH, is a general surgery resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School. She has been an active AWS member since 2015 and a member. She has been in the AWS Blog Committee since 2016 and has also served as the Vice Chair of the ​​AWS National Medical Student Committee. Camila is very grateful to be part of the blog team and to read the stories shared by surgeons and trainees from all across the AWS community.

Cheryl Zogg, PhD, MSPH, MHS, is an MD-PhD candidate at Yale School of Medicine. She has been a member of the AWS Blog since 2018. In addition to her role on the blog, Cheryl is proud to be an active part of the AWS Twitter Communications Subcommittee and to serve as the Resource Development Coordinator for the National Medical Student Committee. She has previously been the Chair (2020-2021) and first Research Coordinator (2018-2020) of the National Medical Student Committee, acting as the medical student representative to AWS Council in 2020-2021. Cheryl is thrilled to be a part of this amazing team and looks forward to many years ahead with AWS to come!


Our blog is a forum for our members to speak, and as such, statements made here represent the opinions of the author and are not necessarily the opinion of the Association of Women Surgeons.