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An Open Letter to AWS Members from Communications Committee

22 Feb 2018

Two years ago, a friend and mentor approached me and asked me to help manage the communications team for AWS. Like I do with most things, I approached this with gusto. I got organized, made lists, set...


Perception of Personal Success in Burnout

27 Jul 2017

By Shree Agrawal In the preclinical years of medical school, the idea of burnout among healthcare workers is more of an abstract concept. The unique environment of healthcare, regardless of specialty...



13 Jul 2016

By JS I recently completed a 1-year hospital based fellowship that is designed to provide faculty and staff with the expertise and skills needed to advance academic careers in medical education.  ...


Thoughts on Being a Caregiver

07 Jul 2016

By Hilary Sanfey Over the last few years I helped care for a very dear friend, a retired surgeon, who developed a progressive neurological illness shortly after turning sixty. It was challenging, n...


An Attitude of Gratitude

08 Nov 2015

By: Beth Shaughnessy It can be a difficult task to think about gratitude because we may become a little hardened and insensitive in light of the demands on our time.  I can't help but smirk when I...