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Save your rear

14 Mar 2019

By Anne Fabrizio Buttocks. Butt. Bum. Booty. Badonkadonk.  That’s just a few ways we refer to our bottoms.  We speak freely about our rear ends when it comes to dancing or working out....


World Cancer Day

15 Feb 2017

By Ainhoa Costas Chavarri, MD, MPH, FACS Last week I gave a chat on breast cancer to a Rwandan women’s sewing cooperative group. As I spoke, via a local surgery resident who acted as translator, ...


A cancer of young women

12 Jan 2017

By Minerva Romero Arenas The new year brings with it a time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future. Inspired by the writers the past few weeks, I also took the opportunity to reflect o...