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04 Oct 2018

By Arghavan Salles         In January of this year, I started investigating the process for egg freezing. Having spoken with three more reproductive specialists after my original consultati...


When the Storm Clears: A New Perspective

19 Nov 2017

For 14 days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, I had no way of knowing if my parents were dead or alive. They’re fine, I told myself. Our house is not in a flood-prone area. The roof and walls a...


When Disaster Strikes

15 Oct 2017

By Dr. Minerva Romero Arenas #HoustonStrong #HurricaneIrma #FuerzaMéxico #PRstrong #VegasStrong Our world has been in the midst of what seems like an endless series of tragedies. This blog star...


May We Never Forget

11 Sep 2016

15 years later it still seems as vivid as yesterday. I woke up to my daily radio show hosts speaking with panic and confusion. A plane had accidentally crashed into one of the twin towers. As my famil...


Entering the Surgical Profession

24 Apr 2016

By Rogette Esteve Recently, I found myself in Danbury, CT searching for a new apartment.  It made me pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that I will be starting general surgery residency in...


The Start of a New AWS Chapter

18 Apr 2016

By Sarah Armenia One of the best aspects of AWS is the amazing support its members in training and practice and committees show medical student members. I have experienced this support firsthand at...


#SurgStory(ies): Why do we do it?

10 Apr 2016

By Joel Adler (with special guests Niraj Gusani and Heather Yeo) Rise of Twitter in Surgery: It’s no secret that there is a growing community of medical students, surgeons-in-training, and surgeo...