AWS’ Clinical Practice Committee pilots a TweetChat

24 Dec 2014

Over the past few years, the Clinical Practice Committee has periodically read and discussed books which have provided beneficial tactics for added success in the management of our professional and personal lives. This activity has truly been enjoyed by the committee members. In search of ways to share this activity with the larger membership, we decided to pilot a tweet chat.

The committee’s experience with twitter ranged from zero to those who frequently tweeted. Armed with some basic guidelines from the Healthcare Leadership blog and the buffersocial blog, the CPC had its first Tweet chat on November 10.

The book for discussion was Success Under Stress by Dr. Susan Melnick. This book was reviewed by Dr. Sasha Adams in the August issue of eConnections. Dr. Adams led the discussion for the tweet chat. There were seven participants. A few of us had some problems initially seeing the stream of conversation, especially if we were using Those who used as the platform for the chat had absolutely no difficulty following the stream.

In the end, everyone was able to contribute final thoughts about key messages gleaned from the book:

Pick your battles
Control what you can- your 50%
Be intentional rather than reactive
Don’t just be reactive; anticipate
Have control of your time; be purposeful
Don’t let stress control the situation
Though a little challenging, we successfully made it through our first tweet chat! We look forward to hosting another Tweet chat early next year featuring the Surgical Career Guide, due to be released in January, 2015.

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