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The Importance of Mentoring

17 Jun 2014

Last month, the Healthcare Leadership Tweet Chat (#HCLDR) invited me to participate as guest moderator to discuss The Changing Face of Medicine. You can read the accompanying blog post here. ...


The Changing Face of Medicine

08 May 2014

by Minerva A. Romero ArenasWe cannot all succeed if half of us are held back. – Malala YousafzaiElizabeth Blackwell, a teacher and immigrant to the U.S., turned to medicine after a friend confided ...


A Recipe for Success: One Surgeon’s Story

20 Mar 2014

 by Minerva Romero Arenas, MD, MPH There are two questions that students frequently ask me about becoming a doctor. One is, “What did you do to become a doctor?” and “How did you stay...


Interview with Dr. Diana L. Farmer

12 Mar 2014

by Lauren B. NosanovDr. Diana L. Farmer, an internationally renowned fetal and neonatal surgeon, is Chair of the Department of Surgery at UC Davis Health System, where she oversees more than 250 fac...


Finding Strength in Setbacks

03 Jan 2014

by Jane Zhao Two months ago, I read a great book, and I’ve been raving about it ever since to whoever will listen. David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm G...


Sexism & Surgery

12 Dec 2013

by Amalia Cochran, MD, MA, FACS, FCCM How many of you saw this great piece from Emily Graslie a couple of weeks ago?   I loved this video for a couple of reasons. One is obvious if you are ...


Powerful Tweets

15 Nov 2013

by Lauren NosanovSocial media have come to play a growing role at national conferences, serving not only as a convenient vehicle for information dissemination, but also as a forum for idea sharing and...


Blogger Q & A: Advice passed down from our mentors

12 Jul 2013

Every once in a while, we'll invite our bloggers to answer a question that's either been submitted by one of our readers or is something that a fellow blogger has been burning to have answered. Keep r...